Where can I find my digital proof?

If you have received a digital proof, it means our artwork team need for your approval before sending the artwork to production. 

Directly after uploading na het uploaden
After you have uploaded your file to our website, it may be because of automatic checking. This means that our system has approved your file for a number of technical elements. If this is the case, a proof is immediately shown to you. You will then be given the choice to approve it directly and send it to production or to have it approved manually by our graphic experts. Keep in mind that the manual check can take a while. You will receive an email from us once your file has been checked by us. Here is your new proof.

Per mail, after our manual file check
You will receive an email from us with your proof. You will receive this email as soon as we have checked your file. We always try to send the mail to you well before the production deadline. However, it is very important that you check and approve your file as soon as possible as soon as we send this mail to you. This is to ensure that your order can be delivered on time. Approving after the deadline probably means a delay.

The email may also include warnings regarding issues with your artwork, or actions required for the product you are ordering.

In My Account, when the proof is ready
If a proof is waiting for you, it can always be found in 'My account'. You can look up the order here and navigate to the screen where you can check your proof.

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