Change delivery address

You created an order, but you would like to change the delivery address? Whether it is possible to still change the address depends on te order status.

  1. Before approving the digital proof and paying
    When you have not yet uploaded and approved your artwork or you haven't paid yet. In this situation your order has not yet gone into production. That's god news, because it means you can easily change the delivery address yourself in My Account. Find the order and change the address with this button:
  2. When your order is in production, but has not yet been packaged
    When you approved your artwork and paid your order, your order is in production. Depending on the production facility we can sometimes still change the address. Please contact our customer service to see what's possible.

  3. When your order has been packaged/shipped
    If the sticker with your address is already on the box and this box is already in the middle of a large stack with thousands of packages, we can unfortunately do nothing to change your delivery address. In this case we advise you to keep an eye on your track & trace link. After the first delivery attempt you can often contact the courier service to make a change.


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