Which printing methods do you use?

At Helloprint, we offer several printing methods. The most common are Digital and Offset.
The difference between digital and offset printing may not be completely clear when you order prints for the first time but it’s an important decision so this article will help you make the right one.

Digital printing
With digital printing, we will produce your order using professional, state of the art HP Indigo printers. Digital printing is cheaper for smaller numbers of copies but more expensive for larger amounts. This printing technique allows for very quick turnaround times.

Offset printing
Offset prints are printed on huge traditional printing presses, on so-called “combination sheets”. By combining a multitude of orders from different customers, offset printing (especially with larger quantities) has the lowest possible price.

Picking digital or offset
There are only a number of products which will allow you to pick between digital or offset printing. Among these products for example are flyers, business cards, folded leaflets, postcards and posters. If you need a small quantity quickly, then it would be favorable to pick digital printing. If you need a large quantity and you want the lowest price possible, offset printing would be your best choice.

Other printing methods
Other printing methods we offer are screen printing, laser engraving and large format printing. If you have any queries regarding these, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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