How to get a correct artwork file?

It's important to have correct artwork so that your product looks great when printed. If you choose to create your file yourself, keep these submission specifications in mind:

  1. Colour; your file has to be submitted in CMYK colours.
  2. File type; your file has to be saved in the correct file extension (.pdf, .jpg, .tiff).
  3. Bleed and margins; the design needs some margins for cutting the prints. You can find the margins needed for your products in the artwork templates
  4. Resolution; Your file must have a high enough quality.
  5. Text; the fonts in your design have to be embedded.
  6. Size; the size of your file has to match your product. Check out the artwork template of your product to find the right size.
  7. Additional specifications; go to submission specifications per product and look for your product.

When you have finished your design, you can upload it with the order.

Good to know: there is always the possibility after uploading your file to have a free file check done by our experts. Before we start printing, you will always have to approve a digital proof  that we will send to you by mail. That way you will know for sure that the file will be printed correctly.

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