How do I convert text to outlines/contours in Indesign?

To make sure your texts/fonts will be recognized by every printing press, it is necessary for them to be converted to outlines or contours in every case. By doing so, you prevent the letters from moving or foreign signs from appearing in your printed matter.  

Before you start doing so, it is useful to know that you will not be able to edit your text afterward. Therefore, it is advisable to first save your file as a backup.

Once you have opened your file in Indesign, you have to select whatever text you want to convert to contours.

It is possible to select multiple text boxes by pressing Shift while clicking on them.

Once you have selected all text, you can click on Text and then Create contours in order to convert the text to contours.

If you zoom in and click on the select directly tool, you can look at the blue circles to check whether or not your text has been converted to sign contours.

Don't forget to repeat this process for your other pages.

You have now converted your text to contours. 

Was this not entirely clear, or if you have any other questions? Then please take a look at our online help centre, or contact us. We are more than happy to help you. 


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