How can I upload a new artwork file?

Have you uploaded your artwork via our website, but you want to upload a different file instead? It depends on the status of your order whether this is possible.

Order is in production
Have you already approved the proof or made the design with Tweak? Then the order is taken into production and we can no longer adjust the order, so you can not change the artwork anymore.

We are checking your files
While the files of your order are being checked, you can temporarily not modify them because our artwork specialists are looking at them. They will prepare a digital proof for you as soon as possible. When the proof is ready, you can adjust the files.

Digital proof is ready - We need your approval
Once the proof is ready, you can delete the supplied files or upload new files. You do this as follows:

Go to My Account and choose "Check digital proof" for the relevant order. You will now see the screen where you can check your proof. Choose "Upload a different file" at the bottom of this page.Schermafbeelding_2018-06-04_om_15.37.23.png

You will then see this page, where you can delete files that have been submitted and upload new files.

After you have added a new file, click on "Start online check". The files will be checked again and you will receive a new digital proof. Note: When you upload a new file, the expected delivery date may change because the file needs to be checked and approved again.


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