How do I create a new file in Indesign?

  1. Having opened Indesign, go to File --> New --> Document, for creating a new document. Enter the amount of pages you want. A duplex flyer for example has two pages, a front page and a back page.
  2. Check out pages next to each other to prevent the file to be made in spread. We will not cover this setting.
  3. Now select at 'page format' the desirable end format. In this case, we choose A5. Indesign will now automatically apply the correct dimensions.
  4. Now select at 'margins' the text margin that is needed for your product. In this case, we will use 4 millimeter.
  5. By now setting the 'bleed' and 'whitespace around the pages' at all sides at 3 millimeter, we can let something bleed in the background, to prevent white edges.
  6. When you click 'Okay', the file will be created.
  7. You can see the set margin lines and you can start making your design. Keep in mind that the text and important images should stay within the middle line to prevent it being cut off.

Do you have a product with more pages? Check our tips about folded products or brochures.

Is something still unclear, or do you have other questions? Please check our Help center online, or contact us. We are glad to help.



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