How do I convert a file from RGB to CMYK in Photoshop?

Converting is necessary because the colour range of RGB images is often larger than that of a printing press. This could however result in a somewhat paler outcome.

RGB images also often have an ink setting that is higher than the recommended 280%, which might result in stains.

We can check and adapt this by clicking on edit and then colour settings.

  1. Next choose CMYK in Workspace, and select adapted CMYK.
  2. Change ink settings to 'eurostandard coated' en change dot enlargement to 15% to have the ink distribution nicely opaque on the printed material. 
  3. At colour separation options, change the limit for black ink to 100% and the total ink limit to 280%.
  4. Please go to image, modus, and select CMYK.
  5. The image has now been converted to the correct colour settings.

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