Why should I embed my fonts?

During the saving/exporting of your file to PDF, you have to ensure that the fonts are embedded. Embedding the fonts is also called 'converting to outlines'. Embedding your fonts ensures that the PDF takes on your fonts, so that other systems can also display your file correctly, with the fonts used by you. This way you also avoid printing mistakes with the font on the final printed material.

When you save your work in one of the Adobe programmes as a PDF, choose the PDF/X-1a(2001) standard. This way the fonts are automatically embedded. This standard also ensures that all images are converted to CMYK.

Apart from embedding the font, there is another and better way to avoid font problems. The better way is also called 'letter contours'. When converting your text to contours, there are no more fonts, but instead vectors. By converting the text into contours, there is the guarantee that nothing can go wrong regarding fonts.

In Illustrator™ or InDesign™ you can convert your text to letter contours. You can do this very easily in the menu of the aforementioned programmes. You select first the text block and you subsequently go to 'Text > Making contours'.

Keep in mind that after the converting it is no longer possible to edit your text. A suggestion is to save two versions.

Extra suggestions:

  1. Use software to manage your fonts. In this you can activate and deactivate fonts.
  2. Don't use protected fonts.


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