How do I export a PDF from my design programme?


Open your file and choose 'Export'. Give your file a title and choose 'Save'. A new window opens up.
Here choose the following settings:


At 'Preset Adobe PDF' choose the profile 'PDF/X- 1a:2001'.

Then at 'Pages' check the option 'Everything'.

Go to 'Signs and Bleed' Here don't check anything. When you use our work drawings the bleed is correctly set when creating your document. In this case you can check 'Use document's bleed'.

In the left-hand menu go to 'Colour'. When your printwork is full-colour printwork (CMYK) pick the option 'Convert to target'. When you want to order PMS printwork pick the option 'Convert to target (retain numbers)'. At 'Target' choose 'Workspace CMYK - Europe ISO Coated FOGRA27'.

After this you export your PDF. It is possible that some fonts cannot be included or converted in the printing process due to licensing restrictions. In this case you can select the relevant text and via 'Text' > 'Create outlines' convert the text to outlines. The text is then converted to a form and can no longer be changed.



In Illustrator it is a bit quicker to export a PDF. After you have opened the file, choose 'Export'. You can use the same settings as for InDesign.


In Photoshop first choose File > Save as > Layout: Photoshop PDF. Your options here are less advanced than in Illustrator and InDesign. Choose the profile 'PDF/X-1a:2001' at export for conversion "Convert to target" and at 'Aim' choose 'Temporary CMYK - Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004)'.


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