How do I ensure correct bleed and margins?

Here, with the aid of an illustration, will be explained how to add bleed to your file and what you should take into consideration so that your file is trimmed correctly and that no key elements are lost. We recommend to always use our artwork templates, this assures you that the file always has the proper layout. 


Delivery format

Let the background and all of the images continue up to this edge. This is how you make sure that your print can be neatly cut to the image without a white edge developing.

Finished size

Here your print is cut. This is the format you will receive from us.

Safe zone

The safety margin indicates the distance recommended between the text and the cutting line in your design. This margin varies by product and can be found by checking the artwork templates for that product. For example, the margin for business cards is 3 mm, for banners, it is 50 mm. 

Please note!  When trimming your prints small deviations in cutting size are possible.

Large stacks of paper are cut by means of press force in one go. A slight shifting of the stack is always possible. With 95% of all cut print work the deviation is less than 0.5 mm, but it is wise to take a cutting tolerance of 2 mm into account.

The sizes and margins can vary by product, think of, for example, a banner, canvas, flag, etc. Therefore always use or look at our artwork templates.

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