Why do you ask me to submit the files in CMYK?

We ask you to upload your artwork files in CMYK colours. The difference between RGB and CMYK is the colour range. RGB has the capacity to reach very bright colours, which is an impossibility for full colour print work. If your design contains a bright, acid green colour, chances of this colour appearing much paler are high. So, as you can see here: what you see on your screen is not necessarily what you get. Please take this into account.


Do you only have your file available in RGB colours? Then you have two options:

  1. You can convert the file to CMYK colours yourself. You can do this by using the program Adobe Photoshop. Use the menu, navigate to: Image > Mode > CMYK.
  2. You can also choose to upload the RGB file anyway. If artwork is submitted as RGB, it will automatically be converted to CMYK in preparation for print. 

The downside to this is that there will be a slight colour difference between the file you submitted and the file we are sending to the printer. Sometimes, the difference will be noticeable on your computer screen if you view a digital proof, but to see the actual result you will have to wait for your print work to arrive.

How does a CMYK printer work?

A CMYK printer uses light absorbing cyan, magenta and yellow ink and the colours are mixed by using dithering, grids or another optical technique. CMYK printers place the colours onto the print, which removes the reflecting light, so to speak. The consequence is that the colours will differ from how they are shown on a computer monitor, as shown in the picture below. That is the reason why we don't accept RGB colours and ask you to deliver your files in CMYK. This decreases the chance of you being disappointed with the end result, because it's not what you expected due to colour differences.

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