Why have I received a payment reminder?

You have placed an order and you received a payment reminder. How did that happen? From the moment that the payment term of the invoice has expired, we will send a reminder per mail once every 2 weeks.

It is important to pay on time, otherwise there is a chance that additional costs will be added. Please note that it can take us up to 3 business days to process the payment.

Have you paid, but yet received a reminder?

In this case the payment is probably not linked to the order. Please contact our customer service and send us a proof of payment, such as a bank statement. This way we can find the payment and link it to the order. The proof of payment should show:

Payment by banktransfer

  • Amount in euro
  • Name bank sender (if possible with logo)
  • Reference (invoice number/client id)
  • IBAN (or account number + sort code) receivers account
  • IBAN (or account number + sort code) senders account
  • Date

Payment by Paypal or creditcard

  • Amount in euro
  • Name bank sender (if possible with logo)
  • Adyen reference (16 digts)
  • Date

If the reference used in the payment is not correct, the payment will be automatically refunded within 2 weeks.

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