How does the ordering process work?

You can create an order with our free online design tool if you would like to use one of our free designs. For more information click here.
You can also create the order through the regular ordering proces if you choose to design your own artwork or aks us to create the design for you. You can read here how to create an order.

1. Product, delivery time and deadlines
Of course you will start by choosing your product. Once you have chosen a product, select the size, quantity and the other product properties for your product.
When you choose the delivery time, you will see the date on which the product will be delivered, possibly extra costs and the deadline. This is the deadline for:

  1. The payment must be processed and
  2. Your file must be uploaded and
  3. You must have approved your proof

Every day that you miss the deadline, the expected delivery date will move up with at least 1 working day.

2. Shopping cart
You can place multiple items in your cart. Once you are done, you can choose the delivery address in the next step.
Then choose the payment method. Note that if you choose "Bank transfer" that we'll need 1 to 3 business days to process the payment. That means the chosen delivery date will move up.

3. Upload files
When you go to the next step, the order is placed and you can choose to upload your file (s) immediately or to do this later via 'My Account'. You can now follow the status of your order in 'My Account'.

4. Digital proof
After you have uploaded your file, the design is always checked. For some products this will be done with an automatic check. This means that our system has checked your file on a number of technical elements. If this is the case, a digital proof is immediately shown to you. Check the proof well!

You get the choice to approve it directly and send it to production or have it checked manually by our graphic experts. Or you can chose to reject the proof.

For other products, the check is always done manually. Please note that this may take a while. You will receive an email from us once your file has been checked by us and the digital proof is ready for you.

5. In production
As soon as you approved the digital proof and the payment has been processed, your order immediately goes into production. From that moment on we can no longer change the order.
After your order has been produced, the package will be packed as soon as possible and handed over to one of our delivery services. When we have handed over the package you will receive a track & trace code by e-mail from us with which your package can be tracked.

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